Darin Barney

Grierson Chair in Communication Studies
Dept. of Art History & Communication Studies

McGill University

This project investigates an emerging material intervention in the politics surrounding the transport of bitumen by pipeline, and therefore the politics of Canada’s resource economy and the environment more generally. The project employs documentary research, site visits, and media and interview-based analysis to examine the political, economic and environmental implications of solid-phase bitumen and its related formats. Funded by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Insight Grant.

A collaboration with the After Oil collective, this project explores the social, political and cultural potentials of solar energy transition as a response to the impasse of climate change. Approaching solarity as a social form (not just an energy source), the project entails an ongoing, international multimedia collaboration supported by the Petrocultures Research Group and a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Connections Grant.

An ongoing series of projects investigating the relationship between resource infrastructures (exploration, extraction, storage, transportation and marketing) and emerging forms of material, negative and insurgent politics. Sites include grain infrastructures in the Canadian Prairies, and energy, communication and logistical infrastructures. Themes include disruption, withdrawal, cooperation, refusal, sabotage and the mediation of human/non-human relations.

Energy Media: The Politics of Solid-Phase Bitumen


Infrastructure, Mediation and Politics

Current projects: